Sunday, May 2, 2010

Janne Da Arc

Okay, ignoring the fact that they, presumably, almost reworded Jeanne d'Arc's name (which is understandable considering that Asiatic languages have little to nothing in common with Indo-European languages, let alone the Romance ones), this band is totally awesome.

I did something of a school girl squeal when I heard this song which, I know, isn't very manly, but come on! Listen to these guys! I love the vibe and dark feel of both the video and the song. Now if only I knew what they were saying... >_<'

Anyway, check these guys out if you already haven't. They've got some really great sounds and I'm sure those of us who are into the alternative scene won't be disappointed by their style.

*I stand corrected by a friend. Apparently they're a little more "glam rock" (I forget the name of the Japanese equivalent) then they are alternative. My bad. :P

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